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German Self-support
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36.5 x 29 cm
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Original political/editorial cartoon, 1948, by American editorial cartoonist Max P. Milians (1908-2005), probably for the Jewish Standard, with which he was associated for most of his life, although his work was also syndicated across America from the 1930s to the 1970s. Milians signed his cartoons with nine zeros as a punning underline. The cartoon shows a tree representing ‘German Self-support’ which is wilting despite being fed with large amounts of US dollar capital produced by ‘American sweat’ under the Marshall Plan. The cartoon suggests that much of this dollar capital is being siphoned off from Germany in ‘fantastic reparations’ by the Russian bear, the USSR. The Soviets did impose large reparations payments on the Axis allies that were under their control at the end of WW2. Austria, Finland, Hungary, Romania, and especially East Germany were forced to pay vast sums and ship large amounts of supplies to the USSR. These areas under Soviet influence were not however allowed to accept the aid offered under the Marshall Plan, so the criticism here that Marshall Aid to Western Germany is being channelled to the USSR does not therefore seem to be justified. Produced in ink and crayon over graphite on artist’s card; image area 31 x 27 cm, card size 36.5 x 29 cm. Signed lower right. Very good condition