Is LastDodo a catalogue?

LastDodo is the catalogue of everything collectable. LastDodo helps you manage your collections and your wish lists, start your own store and get in touch with other collectors. We therefore also call ourselves a collector's platform. Anyone can add and change items in the catalogue. This is how we work together to make LastDodo the most complete catalogue. Every collectors' area has its own moderators who are experts in their particular area. They make sure that everything stays in order and that the valuations are realistic. There are dozens of areas that are rapidly becoming more complete. You can help with that by adding items that are missing.

Is LastDodo free?

Viewing the catalogue, managing your collections, search lists, opening a shop and selling items up to a total value of selling prices of 500 euros is free. If you want to sell for more than 500 euros or use premium features such as making your collection private (invisible to others) or adding bulk, you need to purchase one of the premium subscriptions. Check out the subscriptions here.

Can I help?

We'd love you to! You can especially help by making the catalogue more complete and improving it. This will help all users. So add all the items you have that are not yet on LastDodo. And check whether the details of existing items are correct. If you know a lot about a particular area, you can become a administrator of that area.

How do I register?

You can register via the homepage and then fill in the form. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Why is my registration going wrong?

Possible causes are:

  • Chosen username already exists in our database. This can of course happen with the large number of users at LastDodo. In that case choose another name, maybe a bit longer. Choose an username carefully, your username cannot be changed later and always remains visible on LastDodo.

  • Users who have created an account with Catawiki (predecessor of LastDodo) or LastDodo in the past, sometimes try to create a new account with the same email address. This goes wrong, because a email address can only be in our database once.
    Please log in with the email address and ask for a new password.

I have a question that has not yet been asked in Frequently Asked Questions.

Always check our forum first. LastDodo's community is large and many questions have already been answered on the forum. Clicking on Community at the top will take you to the forum. You can search with keywords in the search field.


How do I search the catalogue?

Click an area of your choice, or search the catalogue using the search bar. To do this, enter a search term and click search. You can refine your search results within an area by clicking on one or more of the different properties.

How can I add an item to the catalogue?

It is easy to add items to the catalogue. To do so, first select the correct collection area. Then check if the item already exists. You can do this via the search function. It is not necessary to enter the full title of an item. The search function also works with a partial title. On the area pages, in the grey bar next to the 2 orange buttons, you will see a button with "Add item to catalogue". If you click this link, you will be taken to a page where you can enter all the characteristics of the item you want to add. You need to be logged in to do this. Fields with an asterisk are compulsory. Another method is to look for an item that is almost identical to the one you want to enter. Press the orange OPTIONS button and then press "Copy item quot;. This takes you to the entry form where many details have already been entered. Check and change the details. Have you completed the description? After doing so, click on the Add button at the bottom of the page. Your item has now been added to the catalogue!

How can I make a change in the catalogue?

How can I make a change in the catalogue? The catalogue is based on the wiki-principle. This means that anyone can add to and edit the catalogue. How does this work? Click on the item you want to change on the orange button OPTIONS and then click "Change item". Adjust the desired characteristics and click on the "Save" button at the bottom. Your changes have now been implemented.

Where can I find the Manual for entering or changing items in the catalogue?

As soon as you want to enter a new item or change an existing item, a yellow bar with a link to the relevant manual appears at the top of the screen.

The Basic Handbook + all available section manuals can be found here on the forum.

What do the catalogue prices mean?

The prices mentioned in the catalogue are an indication of the value of a certain item. That value is linked to the condition of the item. Therefore, always pay close attention to the description. You can make a suggestion for a catalogue price yourself. Via the orange OPTIONS button, click on "Give suggestion for catalogue value". Afterwards, you can indicate realistic prices here, but do provide a good argument for them. All prices on LastDodo are in euros (EUR).

What conditions should the item meet in relation to the catalogue values?

If you want to know which requirements the condition of an item must meet in relation to the catalogue prices, click the link Explanation of conditions, which you will find for each item under the conditions.

How are the areas organised?

The areas are divided into three levels. The first is the main level. These are general themes that cover a lot. One level higher, a main theme is broken down into sub-areas. The third and final level contains the individual items. Each item in the catalogue can therefore be traced back to a general area and a sub-area. For example: Music (main) / Artists (sub) / The Beatles (individual).

I am missing a main area, what now?

Are you missing a main area? Please contact us so we can set it up with you. You can also post a question on the forum. If a main area already exists, but you are missing an individual item, you can add it yourself.

Where can I find the history of catalogue items?

By clicking on the orange OPTIONS button "History", you can see who has worked on an item and what exactly has been changed. Each modification is assessed by the administrator by means of a ‘review’. 
We use colours to indicate their status: 
Yellow = no review yet 
Green = approved after review 
Red = Rejected after review (change reversed)

How can I see the status of a review?

Each change is reviewed by the administrator. We use colours to indicate the status of the review: 
Yellow = no review yet 
Green = approved after review 
Red = rejected after review (change reversed)

How can I report that an item is listed twice in the catalogue?

If you are convinced that an item is listed twice in the catalogue, change the item that should disappear as follows:
Change the title (completely) to: DUPLICATE of xxxxxx
(xxxxx = catalogue number of the item that should remain)
The relevant (super) administrators will clean this up regularly.

What if an item is in the wrong area?

If you are convinced that an item is in the wrong catalogue area, you can indicate this as follows:
Enter in an empty field: WRONG LD-AREA, move to xxxxx.
xxxxx is the area in which the item does belong. If possible, also name the Object/Series or similar. This makes it easier to migrate to the new item.  This (originally empty) field is not included in the migration. 

If you indicate the wrong category area, please do not change the title. When transferring an item, the title is also included and it is then time-consuming to change the title again afterwards.


Are images mandatory?

You can only add an item to the catalogue if you add an image of it to your description. This is for two reasons: it allows us to verify whether an item really exists and, secondly, adding images to items makes the site more visually appealing.

What are the requirements for images?

Images are defined as photographs or scans. LastDodo only accepts files in .jpg, .gif or .png format. We recommend that you choose a size of 700 pixels wide. This allows users to properly zoom in on the image.

In case there is no image for an item yet and you want to upload one that is less than 700 pixels wide, feel free to do so. That way, there will at least be an image available. That is better than no image at all.

Before uploading, check whether the image is sharp and clearly legible. Photos taken with a mobile phone often tend to appear on the website rotated by 90 degrees. Try to avoid this by using a simple editing program.

Can I use an image from the internet for an item I added to the catalogue myself?

No, all images that you add to the catalogue have to be made by you with a scanner or camera. This is the only way we can be 100% sure that the item you added exists. It is not allowed either way because images made by others, for example on the internet, are protected by copyright.

Catalogue values

How are catalogue prices set?

Administrators determine the catalogue prices based on their extensive practical experience. But it is always possible to suggest a new price. This can be done via the orange OPTIONS button, click on Give suggestion for catalogue value. You can then quote realistic prices; but be sure to include a good rationale. All prices on LastDodo are in euros (EUR).

Can I suggest a price for an item in the catalogue?

Is there no price listed for an item yet? Then your suggestion will be shown immediately. The administrator will then review it later. If a price is mentioned, you can submit a price suggestion. This will only be processed after a administrator has approved it. All prices on LastDodo are in euros (EUR).

Why is my price suggestion not visible yet?

If an item already has a price listed, your price suggestion will first be sent to the administrators for review. After approval, you will see it listed with the item. In some cases, we will not incorporate a suggestion.


How do I add an item to my collection?

Find the item that you want to include in your collection or wish list. Then press the orange button IN COLLECTION at the top of the grey bar.
Then you determine the condition, quantity etc. You can add extra information and preferably your own photos via MORE INFORMATION.
Then press the large orange button ADD ITEM TO COLLECTION.

How do I place multiple items in my collection at once?

First, go to the catalogue and use the filters to get a portion of the catalogue on the screen. Via the square icon at the top right of the image, add Bulk;

you get the option to select those items (tick the box at the top right of the item image) that you want to use for a combination offer.

At the bottom of the screen you can choose what you want to do with the selected items: Collection, Wishlist or Shop:

How do I set my collection to private?

You can set your collection to private via the menu under your avatar (round image at top right)
- Settings
- My Profile
- Disable public collection

This is a premium feature, though.

How do I make a download of my collection?

You can make an Excel download of your collection.
Go to My Collection and select a category.
A grey bar will appear at the top right:

Click on it and the rest is easy.
The download will be sent to your e-mail address.

A further selection in a section (for a download) is currently not possible.
The number of fields is limited. This will be improved in the future.


How can I shop in the catalogue?

First, find the item you would like to buy. There are shops that offer to sell many of the items in the catalogue. The shops that offer the item are listed to the right of the image.

How can I shop in the marketplace?

By clicking on Marketplace in the top black bar, you will see all the areas in which items are offered for sale.

You can search for an item directly in the search field or choose an area first. After that it works almost the same as in the Catalogue, you can filter and sort on everything, until you have found the item you might want to buy.

How can I search for a shop?

 By clicking on Marketplace in the top black bar, you will see all the areas in which items are offered for sale.

Then scroll down to Featured Shops.

Click on "View all shops".

Now you can search for the shop name:

How do I place an order with a shop?

By clicking on the shop, you can place the item in your shopping cart. You can then see if the shop has more items that you are looking to buy for sale. At the end, you can finalise your order, in the upper right corner next to your avatar.

Or via My shopping carts:

How do the shopping carts work?

By shopping a lot, you get several shopping carts, one per shop. The contents of the cart will remain in the cart until you decide to actually order the contents. After ordering, that shopping cart will be empty. Any other shopping carts will remain filled.

How do I view the status of my orders?

Via your Avatar (round image at top right) and Settings. Then click on Shop purchases and you will see all your shop purchases, as well as the status.

What are the advantages of buying from a Pro-shop?

Pro-shops function as a business and are also registered with the Chamber of Commerce. So their company registration number and address are known. Pro-shops are also subject to the European right of return for buyers.

How do I give feedback on an order?

After the seller sets the status of the order to Sent, the buyer receives an automatically generated feedback request a few days later. If the seller forgets to change the status, sending the feedback request takes a few weeks. Give honest feedback and, in the case of negative feedback, inform the seller first so that he can tell his/her side of the story. Remain polite; swearing etc. is counterproductive; it must be constructive criticism that benefits everyone.

What should I do if I have paid but have not received anything from the seller?

It is possible that you have ordered something and paid the invoice, but then received nothing. 
You could do the following: 

  • Contact the seller. Perhaps your purchase is still on its way or the seller has not yet been able to send it.

  • Make a copy of the offer and the invoice.

  • Are you sure you have been cheated? Then report it to the police. You can do this via the Internet Fraud Reporting Centre. 

Unfortunately we cannot arrange a refund for you. We also do not play a role in mediating between buyers and sellers.

Return and refund policy

LastDodo provides a platform where sellers can offer items for sale and buyers can order items from sellers. LastDodo is not directly involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller. You always buy directly from and pay directly to the seller. However, we do provide a procedure if your purchase from a seller does not go as expected. If you have a problem with your order, you should first contact the seller. This can be done via a reply to the e-mail you received from the seller with the invoice or via My Purchases on our website, where you can see the seller's e-mail address. Sellers should be given a few days to try to solve the problem. In many cases, problems with orders can be resolved directly with the seller, or items can be returned according to the seller's return policy. 

After a reasonable period in which you have given the seller the opportunity to resolve the problem, you can point out an unresolved problem with an order through us via the Contact Form, in the case of non-delivery, damage, or if an item is not as described by the seller. We may then contact the seller in certain cases, e.g. in case of a clear breach of contract by the seller, and remind him/her to solve the problem with the buyer. However, LastDodo is never liable for problems with a transaction between buyer and seller, nor will it ever compensate a buyer for this.

Request for cancellation
Only the seller can cancel transactions. Buyers may request the seller to cancel an order. 

Returning an item
Each seller has its own return policy, which can be set out in the terms and conditions of the seller's respective shop. Not all sellers accept returns.

If you live in the European Union, you may be entitled to a 14-day "cooling-off period" or a "right of withdrawal" if you bought from a corporate seller, allowing you to return the item for any reason.


Does it cost money to open a shop?

Opening a shop and selling items up to a total value of selling prices of 500 euros is free. If you want to sell for more than 500 euros or use premium features such as an extended export function, you need to take out one of the premium subscriptions. Check out the subscriptions here.

How do I open my own shop?

Everyone who is registered on LastDodo automatically has a shop to sell something.

How do I add information about my shop?

Go to your Avatar (round image at the top right) and My shop, and then by clicking on Shop settings, you can change all kinds of settings for your shop. You should at least enter your address, as this will give your potential customers some confidence.
Also provide the details of your bank account, so that buyers immediately know where to transfer the money.

How do I place an item in my shop?

Find the item you want to sell. Then press the orange IN SHOP button at the top of the grey bar. Then you determine the condition, price, etc. If necessary, add extra information and preferably your own photos via the MORE INFORMATION link. If everything is filled in, press the big orange button OFFER ITEM FOR SALE.
An item must actually be for sale at the indicated retail price.
All prices on LastDodo are in euros (EUR).

How do I remove an item from my shop?

By clicking on REMOVE to the right of the item concerned in the list view of your shop.

You can also remove items from your shop in bulk.
Use the familiar bulk-action button (grey square with 4 squares).

A bar with possible bulk actions will then appear at the bottom of the screen.

How do I indicate the correct condition of an item?

The condition selected should correspond with the offered item. You are not allowed to select a better condition than the actual condition of the item. Please judge the item honestly.

What does it mean to be a Pro-shop?

A Pro-shop is given a separate icon next to its shop designation. This gives the buyers a feeling of reliability. A Pro-shop is professional about its business and wants to guarantee good quality and service. A Pro-shop also realises that its customers have a right of return.

How can I make payment via iDeal possible as a seller?

iDeal payments is a premium feature.
Allowing buyers to pay with iDeal is only possible with a TOP Seller subscription or higher.

For the transactions we work together with TargetPay. They offer iDeal payments at a very competitive rate. To use this service, you need to be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. You will also need a layout code from TargetPay. This is not only possible for Dutch sellers, but also for Belgian sellers. Check with TargetPay if there are possibilities for sellers from other countries.

Sign up for TargetPay
Step 1. Click to sign up.
Step 2. Fill in your details and click 'send'.
Step 3. You will now receive a confirmation mail, click on the attached link where a layout code will appear.
Step 4. Then go to 'My Account' - 'Change Data' and enter your name and address, company details and KVK number.
Step 5. Finally, e-mail a copy of your ID to

Embedding on LastDodo
Follow the steps below to offer your customers the possibility to pay with iDeal.

Step 1
Go to your profile and click on 'shop settings'.

Step 2
Check the box 'iDeal' under the heading 'Payment options'. And below that, enter the layout code you received from TargetPay.

NB. Your account first needs to be verified by TargetPay before the layout code will work on LastDodo. This happens on weekdays within 24 hours.

From this moment on, an iDeal icon will appear in your shop, so buyers know they can also pay with iDeal. If you have enabled iDeal, your customers will receive a payment button with the iDeal icon in the email with the invoice, so they can pay immediately.

What are the costs?
There are no setup costs or monthly fees. The transaction costs are € 0.39 per payment.

Once a week, on Monday, the received amounts will be transferred to your account. A minimum amount of € 25 applies. If no balance of € 25 has been accumulated yet, it will be transferred to the following week.

As a seller, how can I enable payment via PayPal?

PayPal payments is a premium feature.
Allowing buyers to pay with PayPal is only possible with a TOP Seller subscription or higher.

To do this, go to your avatar (round image at top right) and then click on Settings.
Scroll down to Payment Options.
If necessary, read the information from PayPal.
Next, set the switch behind PayPal to active.
Fill in your PayPal email address.

How do I create a combination offer?

 First, go to the catalogue and use the filters to get a portion of the catalogue on the screen. Via the square icon at the top right of the image, add Bulk;

you get the option to select those items (tick the box at the top right of the item image) that you want to use for a combination offer.

At the bottom of the screen you can choose what you want to do with the selected items: Collection, Wishlist or Shop:

Can I temporarily close my shop?

You can put your shop on Temporarily closed via:

  • Your avatar (top right round image)

  •  Settings

  •  Shop settings - Temporarily closing your shop

 For your regular customers it is useful to know until when you are closed. Don't forget to click on the orange Save button.

Can I sell something without a link to the catalogue?

You can offer something for sale without a link to a catalogue item.
In the shop, you see a button to offer something for sale:

Next, you can now also choose to create an ad that is not linked to the catalogue:

In doing so, you can still specify the most important characteristics, so that the ad can be found in the marketplace after filtering:

Enter the price and finish by clicking the orange button:

Rules for sellers

#1. The condition mentioned has to be correct.

 The selected condition must match the item presented by the seller. It is not allowed to choose a better condition than the actual condition of the item. Rate the object honestly. 

#2. Own images has to be correct.

If an individual image is added - something that we and potential buyers like you to do - then the picture really has to present the offered item. 

#3. Sales prices must be correct

Items for sale must actually be sold at LastDodo for the price indicated by the seller (unless obvious errors). It is not allowed in "Personal Notes" or if someone orders something, to indicate that it is only for sale through another site or through a better bid.
Tying" is also not permitted. An example of tying is when it is demanded that you also purchase other items.

#4. Offer the object at the correct catalog item.

If you indicate in the catalog that you're selling an item, the item for sale has to be the same as indicated. In your "own notes" you can indicate if something is missing (for example an attachment). It is not permitted to offer something different for example indicating at a first printing in your own notes: "Reprint". This not only is misleading for buyers who initially think they buy the first print, but it also complicates the automatic derivation of the list prices of the items offered and sold. 
For the same reason it is also not allowed to offer at an item in the catalog a series of items (with the exception of the so-called series items in the stamps section).

#5. Inventory tracking.

 As a seller, you have an obligation to your LastDodo to keep your stock as much as possible in line with what you can actually eliver. If you for example attent to a fair, we understand that you can not immediately update your inventory when you sell something, but please do so as soon as possible after the fair.

#6. Really do sell at LastDodo.

It is not allowed to call to a potential buyer not to buy on the LastDodo site, but outside the site for example on your own site or another site.

#7. No reference to another site or webshop.

It is in no way permitted to make a reference in your shop to another website or (web) shop. The inclusion of an email address or phone number is also not allowed. You may also not mention that there are other items for sale that are not in the LastDodo shop. If you have a physical shop, you may include the street address.
You are also not allowed to mention that items from your collection are also for sale. 
This will be checked both automatically and manually. LastDodo may close the shop in case of violations.

#8. Delivery time.

Sellers must deliver according to the maximum delivery time stated in their shop, with a maximum of 7 days after payment, unless the buyer agrees to a later delivery time.

#9. Pro shops.

Professional sellers who have been awarded the "Pro" status - which can be requested via the Contact form (at the bottom of the FAQ) - must state their Chamber of Commerce number and/or VAT number in their shop.

Wish list

How do I add an item to my wish list?

Find the item that you want to include in your collection or wish list. Then press the orange button IN WISH LIST at the top of the grey bar. Then you determine the condition, quantity etc. You can add extra information and preferably your own photos via the MORE INFORMATION link. Then press the large orange button ADD ITEM TO WISH LIST.

How do I get a response to my wish list?

As soon as an item is offered for sale that is on your wishlist, you will be notified.

How do I place several items in my wishlist at once?

 First, go to the catalogue and use the filters to get a portion of the catalogue on the screen. Via the square icon at the top right of the image, add Bulk;

you get the option to select those items (tick the box at the top right of the item image) that you want to use for a combination offer.

At the bottom of the screen you can choose what you want to do with the selected items: Collection, Wishlist or Shop:


How can I start a new topic?

If you haven't already, first register for free as a user of LastDodo and log in.
Then go to the community. First click on the main category under which you want to post the new topic. On the page that opens, you will see the link 'New Topic' at the top of the left column. Click on it.
You will now be able to enter the title and text of your first contribution to the new topic. With the 'Publish' button, you can post the new message on the forum.

How do I search within the community?

In the search bar at the top of the community pages, you can search all the forum posts. In the search results, you will first see whether the keyword was found in a topic title. Do you also want to search the contents of messages? Then click the link at the bottom of the search results.

How can I view new messages?

On the landing pages of the community and at the top of all the themes' landing pages, there is a link to view new posts. This ensures that you don't miss anything!

How do I choose a profile picture?

By adding a picture of yourself to your post on the community, you can make it much more personal. Via your Avatar (round picture in the top right corner) and Settings, you can upload a picture of yourself (or one that says something about yourself). Rather not have your own picture? LastDodo offers you the possibility to choose a standard avatar from our gallery.

How can I respond to a topic?

Only registered users can participate in the community. So make sure you are registered first. It's quick and it's free! Do you have a user name? Then log in first. Now go to the Community and click through until you find the topic of your choice. At the bottom of the page you will find the link 'Reply to topic'. You will now see an input field for your comment. Below this field is an explanation of how to make texts bold or italic, among other things. Use the 'Save reply' button to post your contribution to the discussion.

Where can I view collectors' profiles?

Under each main area you will find an overview of collectors in that particular domain. Click on the name of a specific collector and you can view his or her profile.


What is the function of administrators?

Each main area has several administrators. They try to guarantee the quality of the items within an area as well as possible. They do this by, for example, checking new entries and changes in items. They also determine the catalogue prices. Administrators are almost always specialists or collectors in the area of which they are an administrator.
An administrator must have expertise in the collection area that he or she manages. In addition, an administrator is characterised by an enthusiastic attitude and the will to constantly improve the LastDodo catalogue. In short, someone with both knowledge and passion to achieve the best result.

How many administrators are there for each area?

In general, we aim for five to ten administrators per area. However, if there are already ten and you are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, we will gladly make an exception for you.

How can I become an administrator?

Do you have a lot of knowledge in a particular collection area and do you want to work together to create the best catalogue for collectors? We would love to invite you to become an administrator! This can be done via Contact, at the bottom of each screen in the black area.

For how long will someone remain an administrator?

From time to time we evaluate the team of administrators and assess whether the composition is still optimal.


How can I export my collection to Excel?

Go to your Avatar (round image at top right) and click on My Collection. Now select the area you wish to download.
Then press "Export". Next, press the Export to Excel link.
You will then receive the Excel file by e-mail.

How can I export my wish list to Excel?

Go to your Avatar (round image at top right) and click on My Wish List.
Then press "Export". Next, press the Export to Excel link.
You will then receive the Excel file by e-mail.

Are there any apps to keep my collection and wish list with me at all times?

Yes, there is the LastDodo App. It is available for free in app stores.


How do I link SendCloud with LastDodo?

In LastDodo, go to 'Settings' -> 'Shop settings' -> 'Shipping'
and copy the 'Webhook URL' to the clipboard (you can click the grey button behind the url for this).

Note: this url is different for every webshop

Image 1

Open a new tab in your browser and login to SendCloud. Go to your account settings by clicking on the cogwheel and choose 'Integrations' in the menu on the right:

Image 2

In the overview of integration options, search for 'Sendcloud API', click 'link' and 'OK':

Image 3


  •  Give the link a name (e.g. LastDodo)

  •  Check 'Webhook feedback enabled'

  • Paste the webhook url you copied earlier in the LastDodo settings into the 'Webhook url' field in the SendCloud form

  • Click on 'Save

Image 4

After the link is created, you will see a public and secret key appear in the form.

Copy the 'Public Key', go to the other tab of your browser where you still have LastDodo's 'send' setting open ('Settings' -> 'Shop settings' -> 'Send') and paste the public key there. Do the same for the 'Secret key' and save the settings to LastDodo by clicking the 'Save' button:

Image 5

SendCloud is now linked to LastDodo and you can create shipping labels.

How do I create a shipping label with SendCloud?

Go to 'My shop' -> 'Orders' and click on the order you want to create a shipping label for:

Image 1

On the right-hand side, you will see a 'Shipping' block. Click on 'Create shipping label':

Image 2

Choose the desired carrier and package type and click on 'Create shipping label':

Image 3

The shipping label appears in the 'Shipping' block:

Image 4

If you click the 'Shipping label' button, you can choose the format (A4/A6) and download or print the label. The 'Track & Trace' button takes you directly to the sender's track & trace page.

Some orders do not fit in 1 box. In this case, you can create 2 or more shipping labels with the 'Create another shipping label' button. 


Where can I see the value of my shop?

In My shop, under Items, you can see the current value of your shop.
This is the first value indicated (is excluding stock).

How is the value of the shop calculated?

This is based on the total value of the items in the shop.  This does not take into account the "stock" (if several copies of an item are offered, the extra items do not count).

What features do I get extra with a paid subscription?

With a VIP Collector subscription, the following additional functions become available to you:

  •  Maximum value of your shop increased to € 3,000

  •  Position of your offer in catalogue items: Above Collector

  •  Add your own images, location, purchase date, purchase price and private notes to your collection

    Collection may be set to private

  •  Alerts when something from your wish list comes up for sale are sent immediately

  •  Export function for collection, shop and wish list

  •  Bulk actions: quickly add, delete or move many items

  •  Promotion of your shop in rotation on the homepage, in the catalogue, in the marketplace and in the forum

  •  Extensive statistics about your shop

  •  Online payment with PayPal in your shop

With a TOP Seller subscription, you will also receive the following extras:

  • Maximum value of your shop increased to € 15,000

  • Position of your offer in catalogue items: Above VIP Collector

  • Promotion of your shop in rotation on the homepage, in the catalogue, in marketplace and forum: 5 times as often as VIP Collector

  • Extra online payment options

  • Integration with shipping service and shipping labels

  • Personal helpdesk for malfunctions and problems

  • Blacklist function for specific buyers 

With a SUPER Seller subscription, you get as an extra:

  • Maximum value of your shop increased to € 30,000

  • Promotion of your shop in rotation on the homepage, in catalogue, in marketplace and forum: 3x as often as TOP Seller

POWER Seller subscription:

  • For the biggest sellers who want maximum visibility. You get unlimited sales value, are at the top of catalogue items and get even more visibility through inclusion in mailings. And all the functionality of the SUPER sellers. Ask about the possibilities.

This can also be seen on the subscription page.

I only have very cheap items. Do I need a paid subscription?

For any subscription, only the total sales value of the items for sale applies. So the number of items or the individual prices do not matter. Whether you offer 10 different items at € 50 each or 10.000 different items at € 0.05 each, the shop value is € 500 in both cases.

Do I have to choose from the subscriptions?

If you do nothing, you will automatically fall into the free Collector subscription on 1 January. You don't have to do anything for that. So you will never face charges just like that.

How do I qualify for a free subscription?

The VIP subscription, priced at €3.95 per month, is available free of charge for active administrators and for users who make exceptionally useful contributions to the catalogue (at the discretion of the administrators).

When does the subscription start if I pay before 1 January 2023?

You can already take out a subscription now. This will start on 1 January and you will only pay for the period from 1 January 2023. Then you can be sure that you have all the functionality you need to optimally manage your collection and that your shop will remain open on  1 January .

What happens to my private collection on 1 January 2023?

Collections that are currently private will never be opened. The user will only be able to add to such a collection after making it public or purchasing a subscription.

What happens to my shop on 1 January 2023?

If the shop has a value of up to € 500 , no subscription needs to be taken out and the shop will remain open.
If the shop has a value higher than € 500 , then a subscription needs to be taken out. If no subscription has been taken out by 1 January 2023, the shop will close temporarily. You can then choose to take out a suitable subscription or to downsize your shop to fit. Other users cannot see your shop, but you yourself can access your items in your shop.

What happens if I don't want a paid subscription?

If you do nothing, you will automatically fall into the free Collector subscription on 1 January. You don't have to do anything for that. So you will never be faced with charges just like that.

Why has LastDodo opted for subscriptions?

This is important for the continuity of the platform. Until now, we have always paid the programmers, designers and web hosting ourselves with only some small income from clicks to the Catawiki auctions. And this involves quite large expenses.

For a detailed answer, see the 17-11-2022 post on our forum.

Why doesn't everyone have to buy a subscription?

Importantly, maintaining your collection and search list will remain free, regardless of its size. From 1 January 2023, however, some existing features for collectors will be included in a premium subscription. This will include the ability to have a shop of reasonable size. Active administrators will receive this premium subscription for free as a thank you for their work. Users who make an exceptionally large contribution to the catalogue will also receive such a subscription on the recommendation of the catalogue manager and the catalogue administrators.

See also forum post of 17-11-2022

What advantage does an annual payment offer over a monthly payment?

A monthly payment is an administrative burden for the user and for LastDodo. Therefore, a substantial discount of 20% - 27% is offered if paying per year.

How can I pay?

To collect the subscription fee, you can choose to transfer a small amount (ranging from one cent to one euro depending on the payment method) via iDeal, Bancontact or Sofort, or provide your credit card number. 

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a reliable international payment platform that handles payments for many large and small organisations.

How much VAT do I pay?

VAT is calculated based on a rate of 21%. This rate may vary for some countries. Users with a VAT number who are not located in the Netherlands, but are located within the EU, we do not charge VAT (rate is 0%).

Will my subscription be stopped if I set my shop to Temporarily closed?

You put your shop on Temporarily closed to do some maintenance work on your shop or you are on holiday. As with club memberships, the subscription does not stop if you temporarily close your shop.

How can I see which subscription I currently have?

In the "My subscription" tab, you can see which subscription you currently have.
Beneath the subscription you currently have, in grey: "Current subscription".

How can I upgrade my subscription?

In the "My subscription" tab, there is a button to upgrade to another subscription at the top right.

Do the "unrelated loose advertisements" also fall under the shop value?

Just like catalogue-related items, unrelated loose advertisements also fall under the shop value.

What is meant by an export function?

Subscribers can make a selection from their collection, shop or search list and then download that in Excel or CSV format. The download contains a large number of fields from the catalogue.

What kind of statistics do I get with a paid subscription?

You get statistics on turnover achieved, orders, average order value, largest customers.
Here you can make a selection per category or all categories. You can also specify the period: Day, week, month or year.

Can expensive items be offered with a paid subscription?

During the corporatisation of LastDodo, it was agreed that the selling price of an item or combo offer, for the time being, should not exceed €75.

Can't find the answer?

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