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Is LastDodo free?

Viewing the catalogue, managing your collections, search lists, opening a shop and selling items up to a total value of selling prices of 500 euros is free. If you want to sell for more than 500 euros or use premium features such as making your collection private (invisible to others) or adding bulk, you need to purchase one of the premium subscriptions. Check out the subscriptions here.

Is LastDodo a catalogue?

LastDodo is the catalogue of everything collectable. LastDodo helps you manage your collections and your wish lists, start your own store and get in touch with other collectors. We therefore also call ourselves a collector's platform. Anyone can add and change items in the catalogue. This is how we work together to make LastDodo the most complete catalogue. Every collectors' area has its own moderators who are experts in their particular area. They make sure that everything stays in order and that the valuations are realistic. There are dozens of areas that are rapidly becoming more complete. You can help with that by adding items that are missing.

Can I help?

We'd love you to! You can especially help by making the catalogue more complete and improving it. This will help all users. So add all the items you have that are not yet on LastDodo. And check whether the details of existing items are correct. If you know a lot about a particular area, you can become a administrator of that area.

Why is my registration going wrong?

Possible causes are:

  • Chosen username already exists in our database. This can of course happen with the large number of users at LastDodo. In that case choose another name, maybe a bit longer. Choose an username carefully, your username cannot be changed later and always remains visible on LastDodo.
  • Users who have created an account with Catawiki (predecessor of LastDodo) or LastDodo in the past, sometimes try to create a new account with the same email address. This goes wrong, because a email address can only be in our database once.
    Please log in with the email address and ask for a new password.

How do I search the catalogue?

Click an area of your choice, or search the catalogue using the search bar. To do this, enter a search term and click search. You can refine your search results within an area by clicking on one or more of the different properties.

How can I add an item to the catalogue?

It is easy to add items to the catalogue. To do so, first select the correct collection area. Then check if the item already exists. You can do this via the search function. It is not necessary to enter the full title of an item. The search function also works with a partial title. On the area pages, in the grey bar next to the 2 orange buttons, you will see a button with "Add item to catalogue". If you click this link, you will be taken to a page where you can enter all the characteristics of the item you want to add. You need to be logged in to do this. Fields with an asterisk are compulsory. Another method is to look for an item that is almost identical to the one you want to enter. Press the orange OPTIONS button and then press "Copy item quot;. This takes you to the entry form where many details have already been entered. Check and change the details. Have you completed the description? After doing so, click on the Add button at the bottom of the page. Your item has now been added to the catalogue!

How can I make a change in the catalogue?

How can I make a change in the catalogue? The catalogue is based on the wiki-principle. This means that anyone can add to and edit the catalogue. How does this work? Click on the item you want to change on the orange button OPTIONS and then click "Change item". Adjust the desired characteristics and click on the "Save" button at the bottom. Your changes have now been implemented.

How can I report that an item is listed twice in the catalogue?

If you are convinced that an item is listed twice in the catalogue, change the item that should disappear as follows:
Change the title (completely) to: DUPLICATE of xxxxxx
(xxxxx = catalogue number of the item that should remain)
The relevant (super) administrators will clean this up regularly.

How can I shop in the catalogue?

First, find the item you would like to buy. There are shops that offer to sell many of the items in the catalogue. The shops that offer the item are listed to the right of the image.

How can I shop in the marketplace?

By clicking on Marketplace in the top black bar, you will see all the areas in which items are offered for sale.

You can search for an item directly in the search field or choose an area first. After that it works almost the same as in the Catalogue, you can filter and sort on everything, until you have found the item you might want to buy.

How can I search for a shop?

 By clicking on Marketplace in the top black bar, you will see all the areas in which items are offered for sale.

Then scroll down to Featured Shops.

Click on "View all shops".

Now you can search for the shop name:

How do I place an order with a shop?

By clicking on the shop, you can place the item in your shopping cart. You can then see if the shop has more items that you are looking to buy for sale. At the end, you can finalise your order, in the upper right corner next to your avatar.

Or via My shopping carts:

How do the shopping carts work?

By shopping a lot, you get several shopping carts, one per shop. The contents of the cart will remain in the cart until you decide to actually order the contents. After ordering, that shopping cart will be empty. Any other shopping carts will remain filled.

Return and refund policy

LastDodo provides a platform where sellers can offer items for sale and buyers can order items from sellers. LastDodo is not directly involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller. You always buy directly from and pay directly to the seller. However, we do provide a procedure if your purchase from a seller does not go as expected. If you have a problem with your order, you should first contact the seller. This can be done via a reply to the e-mail you received from the seller with the invoice or via My Purchases on our website, where you can see the seller's e-mail address. Sellers should be given a few days to try to solve the problem. In many cases, problems with orders can be resolved directly with the seller, or items can be returned according to the seller's return policy. 

After a reasonable period in which you have given the seller the opportunity to resolve the problem, you can point out an unresolved problem with an order through us via the Contact Form, in the case of non-delivery, damage, or if an item is not as described by the seller. We may then contact the seller in certain cases, e.g. in case of a clear breach of contract by the seller, and remind him/her to solve the problem with the buyer. However, LastDodo is never liable for problems with a transaction between buyer and seller, nor will it ever compensate a buyer for this.

Request for cancellation
Only the seller can cancel transactions. Buyers may request the seller to cancel an order. 

Returning an item
Each seller has its own return policy, which can be set out in the terms and conditions of the seller's respective shop. Not all sellers accept returns.

If you live in the European Union, you may be entitled to a 14-day "cooling-off period" or a "right of withdrawal" if you bought from a corporate seller, allowing you to return the item for any reason.

How do I open my own shop?

Everyone who is registered on LastDodo automatically has a shop to sell something.

How do I place an item in my shop?

Find the item you want to sell. Then press the orange IN SHOP button at the top of the grey bar. Then you determine the condition, price, etc. If necessary, add extra information and preferably your own photos via the MORE INFORMATION link. If everything is filled in, press the big orange button OFFER ITEM FOR SALE.
An item must actually be for sale at the indicated retail price.
All prices on LastDodo are in euros (EUR).
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