Is LastDodo a catalogue?

LastDodo is the catalogue of everything collectable. LastDodo helps you manage your collections and your wish lists, start your own store and get in touch with other collectors. We therefore also call ourselves a collector's platform. Anyone can add and change items in the catalogue. This is how we work together to make LastDodo the most complete catalogue. Every collectors' area has its own moderators who are experts in their particular area. They make sure that everything stays in order and that the valuations are realistic. There are dozens of areas that are rapidly becoming more complete. You can help with that by adding items that are missing.

Is LastDodo free?

Yes! Viewing the catalogue, managing your collections, wish lists, opening a shop and selling items is currently free.

Can I help?

We'd love you to! You can especially help by making the catalogue more complete and improving it. This will help all users. So add all the items you have that are not yet on LastDodo. And check whether the details of existing items are correct. If you know a lot about a particular area, you can become a administrator of that area.

How do I register?

You can register via the homepage and then fill in the form. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

I have a question that has not yet been asked in Frequently Asked Questions.

Always check our forum first. LastDodo's community is large and many questions have already been answered on the forum. Clicking on Community at the top will take you to the forum. You can search with keywords in the search field.

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