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View of a student who smokes his pipe standing in a room. In the background benches and tables. A folder of paper under his arm. Steel engraving by O. Veralby (pseud. Alexander Ver Huell (1822-1897)). Intended as an illustration for: J. Kneppelhout (1814-1885). “Student life, by Klikspaan, with records by O. Veralby. August 1841 - February 1844. '' Published in Leiden by H.W. Hazenberg & Comp. in 1844. Numbered in print VIII. Klikspaan was the pseudonym of the Leiden student Johannes Kneppelhout (1814-1885) when he started writing about his fellow students. He divided his fellow students into twelve types and he did not describe them gently. So he considered himself someone who clicked about student life. His writings were designed to warn students of the dangers that threaten them. He describes students who get drunk, wreak havoc, go to harlots and finally don't finish their studies. The students loved it, especially because Klikspaan also described recognizably unpopular professors. Source: Literatuur, 2015; Digital Library for Dutch Literature, 2015.

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