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Tom Poes and the atomic vibrations
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40 x 11 cm
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Original publication of this story in Ons Vrije Nederland 4638-4705. Strip has been converted (at a later date) to an English version. The Dutch texts have been replaced by English. Also in these operations were cut from the drawing and new (sometimes printed and drawn) parts glued in that place. Initially, such work was drawn in pencil by the better drafters of Toonder Studio's and put in ink by the better inks at Toonder Studio's. Marten Toonder took care of the corrections at a detailed level and approved the end result by placing his signature. However, it remains (beautiful) studio work, but it cannot be attributed to Toonder himself, who at that time employed more than 100 (!) Draughtsmen at his studios. These studio employees had sufficient qualities to entrust them with such drawings. Stamps Toonderstudio's on the back. Signed, at the bottom of the last frame is the signature of Marten Toonder, from or just after the war period. Some strips from this story have Toonder's signature (Toonder did that alternately).

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